Linux Distrobutions

Linux today comes in several different flavors or distros as they are known in Linux circles.

Some Linux distributions are light-weight (they’ll run just fine on your old laptop), some are targeted at people who just want to try out Linux without replacing their main OS while other desktop distros (say Ubuntu) include a more comprehensive collection of software applications and also support a wide variety of hardware devices. Continue reading

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BackTrack is a Linux distribution which specializes in Penetration Testing. It can be used to check if your website or PC is foolproof(there cannot be a day). The following contains some illegal stuff but can be used for good. This should not be used in any other form what-so-ever. Continue reading

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Keeping Your Computer “Young and Healthy”

This is what you get for not taking care for your PC!

Sick Computer

Do you have a computer that is slow, lagging and does not respond? Then you should try these steps.

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